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Available Equipment

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Need to use a CD player, VCR, or microfilm reader? Listed here is equipment available at PLS libraries. This list also includes special needs equipment, such as Kurzweil readers, JAWs, and CCTV.

Accessibility Resources for Special Needs
Accessibility resources such as Kurzweil readers, CCTV and magnifying lenses, specifically for those with special needs.

Audio-Visual Equipment
Equipment available for public use such as : cassette and CD players, microfiche and microfilm readers and VCRs.

Computers and Software (non-Internet)
Computers and software available for public use such as: Microsoft Word, PC's and Macs.

Reserve a Computer
Reserve a Computer at your local library

Miscellaneous Public Access Equipment
Manual typewriters, engravers, pianos and other special equipment for your use.