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Use your library card to download FREE eBooks through Enki, Safari and OverDrive.
OverDrive is an eBook and eAudiobook collection of popular fiction, non-fiction, children's and teen books.
* Featured Formats: Kindle, EPUB Adobe PDF eBooks WMA and MP3 eAudiobooks
Safari is a collection of technology, digital media and business books.
The Enki Library is a shared open source eBook Network open to all California Libraries.

Content is focused on smaller and independent publishers including, but not limited to, Workman, UC press, McGraw Hill, National Highlights, Akashic, Bancroft, Dzanc, InfoBase, Lerner, Permanent Press, Crossroad, Xist and Smashwords. Works on smartphones, tablets (including Android) and computers. We recommend using the browser that came installed on your phone or table as non-native browsers like Google Chrome are not supported at this time.

Enki Library lending rules:
- Lending period is 2 weeks, and most books can be returned early.
- Patrons can place 5 holds on books and once notified of the books availability they have 5 days to check it out.
- Patrons can check out 5 books at once
* Featured Formats: PDF and ePUB ebooks
Free eBooks Some books are always available!
Check out this additional collection of 34,000 ebook titles that belong to free public domain! They never expire and don't count against your checkout limit!

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