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Bluefire Reader:

For iPad & iPhone

*Note: Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)  is required to transfer eBooks to Bluefire. For assistance please click here

Bluefire Reader is a software that works with third party eBook softwares. Buefire allows users to upload all their eBooks to one location.

Step A. Installing Bluefire

  1. Download Buefire from Apple App store (it's Free!!)
  2. Open the Bluefire app and follow the prompts to authorize it using the same Adobe username and password. (You will only have to do this once.) Don’t remember your Adobe username? Open Adobe Digital Editions, go to Library, and then choose “Authorize Computer.” The popup screen will tell you what username is authorized for that computer. Your Adobe username and password from your computer MUST match what you put in the app.

  3. Plug your iPad or iPhone into your computer, and open iTunes. In iTunes, click on the App tab:

  4. Scroll to the bottom until you see the File Sharing section, something like this:
  5. Highlight the Bluefire app.
    Press the ADD… button to find the NetGalley title in your “My Documents” folder (or “Documents” on MAC). There is a folder called “My Digital Editions.”
  6. Select NetGalley titles. The titles will appear in the App section in iTunes and will also simultaneously sync with your iPhone or iPad since it’s plugged in.

  7. When you’re finished, unplug your device and restart your Bluefire Reader app so that the new titles show up. Remember on the iPhone 4.0, you have to restart by accessing the app row on the bottom and then holding down the app until it wiggles and a red line appears 

  8. Once you open the app again, it’ll say “Loading Library.”

  9. List of eBook titles you added appear on th screen

When you press on a title, it’ll look like this:

Or, if you press

then you’ll see information about the title:

That information also tells you how long you have left to read that particular download of that title, under “Permissions Set by the Publisher.”

If the title has already expired, when you try to open it in the Bluefire Reader app you’ll get this:



If you’re having trouble transferring an eBook title to the Bluefire Reader app, please note:

  • It is easy to have a typo in the Adobe ID or password – be sure to check that what you have in your Adobe Digital Editions and in the Bluefire app are correct.

  • There are a limited number of devices that Adobe activates with your Adobe ID.