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Sony Daily Reader – PRS-950

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The Sony Daily Reader is compatible with your library card and is optimized for newspapers. It includes touch screen navigation and free 3G wireless access. You can use the included stylus to take freehand notes and highlight sections of text or export your notes to a computer using the Reader Library software. There’s also a virtual keyboard.

What you’ll need to get started:

EPUB and PDF eBooks work with this device.

As a first time user, you’ll need to download free software to your device in order to utilize this service.

For both the EPUB and Adobe PDF eBook, you’ll need to download and install the Reader Library software to your PC. The Reader Library software should be accessible from your eReader device when connected to your PC.

Here is a helpful OverDrive blog post for the Sony eReaders.

Step-by-step instructions to get EPUB or PDF eBooks onto your Sony Daily Reader PRS-950.


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