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Pajama Storytime @ San Bruno Library

For ages 3 and up.

Repeats every week every Monday 52 times until Tue Dec 29 2015 except Fri Jan 01 1830, Mon Jan 19 2015, Mon Feb 16 2015, Mon May 25 2015, Mon Jun 15 2015, Mon Jun 22 2015, Mon Jun 29 2015, Mon Aug 17 2015, Mon Nov 02 2015.
Mon, 01/05/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 01/12/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 01/26/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 02/02/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 02/09/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 02/23/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 03/02/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 03/09/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 03/16/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 03/23/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 03/30/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 04/06/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 04/13/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 04/20/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 04/27/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 05/04/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 05/11/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 05/18/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 06/01/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 06/08/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/06/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/13/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/20/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/27/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 08/03/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 08/10/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 08/24/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 08/31/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 09/07/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 09/14/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 09/21/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 09/28/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/05/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/12/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/19/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/26/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/09/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/16/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/23/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/30/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/07/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/14/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/21/20156:30pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/28/20156:30pm-7:30pm

Itsy-Bitsy Storytime @ San Bruno Library

Join us for Itsy-Bitsy Thursdays at 11:15 AM. Recommended for ages 18 months - 3 years.

Thu, 12/11/201411:15am-11:45am

CLOSED San Bruno Library - In Observance of Memorial Day

The Library will be closed in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

Sat, 05/23/2015All day

CLOSED San Bruno Library - In Observance of President's Day

The Library will be closed in observance of the President's Day holiday.

Sat, 02/14/2015All day

Baby Storytime

Parents and caregivers can have fun with baby, learning rhymes and songs to use at home. Designed especially for babies 0-18 mos.

Repeats every week every Wednesday 52 times until Wed Oct 28 2015 .
Wed, 01/14/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 01/21/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 01/28/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 02/04/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 02/11/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 02/18/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 02/25/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 03/04/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 03/11/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 03/18/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 03/25/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 04/01/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 04/08/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 04/15/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 04/22/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 04/29/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 05/06/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 05/13/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 05/20/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 05/27/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 06/03/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 06/10/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 06/17/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 06/24/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 07/01/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 07/08/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 07/15/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 07/22/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 07/29/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 08/05/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 08/12/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 08/19/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 08/26/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 09/02/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 09/09/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 09/16/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 09/23/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 09/30/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 10/07/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 10/14/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 10/21/201511:30am-12:00pm
Wed, 10/28/201511:30am-12:00pm

MLK Jr Day - San Bruno Library CLOSED

The Library will be closed in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday.

Sat, 01/17/2015All day

Holiday Craft Program

For ages 3 and up.

Mon, 12/08/20146:30pm-7:00pm

Magic Show with Brian Scott

For ages 3 and up.

Mon, 11/17/20146:30pm-7:30pm

Family Celebration-Dia de los Muertos

Join us for bilingual storytime in Spanish and English and our 6th annual family celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Decorate sugar skulls and make a craft to take home. For all ages.

Mon, 10/27/20146:30pm-7:30pm