Homeless prevention:
The Primary Solution
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Homeless Prevention Task Force Participants


Homeless Prevention: What is it?

Homeless Prevention Program Types

Part I: Intervention Programs

  1. One-time Rental Assistance Program
  2. Education on Landlord/Tenant Mediation & Advocacy

Part II: Stabilization Programs

  1. On-Going Rental Assistance
  2. Childcare Programs
  3. Transitional and Emergency Shelter for Youth and Teen Parents

Part III: Infrastructure Programs

  1. Permanent Affordable Housing
  2. Shared Housing
  3. Education, Job Training and Placement

Part IV: Recommendations Indirectly Related to Homeless Prevention

  1. Outreach and Education on Availability of Resources
  2. Basic Life Skills Training
  3. Drug and Alcohol Services
  4. Early Identification and Prevention
  5. Follow-Up
  6. Health Care
  7. Transportation
  8. Non-English Speaking Services

Homeless Prevention Inventory

Focus Group Participants

List of Recommendations and Time Line

Statement of Prevention Program Values

Graph of Prevention Services


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