San Mateo County Community Health Assessment
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Thirty agencies in San Mateo County are involved in alcohol and drug recovery services.


San Mateo County Agencies

Providing Alcohol/Drug Services

Program Location Services
Al-Anon Information Services Redwood City, San Mateo Support groups
Alcohol Anonymous San Mateo Peer counseling
Asian American Recovery Services Daly City Outpatient drug and alcohol services for Chinese and Filipino. Individual, group counseling, relapse prevention, education workshops, support groups
Coastside Prevention Partnership Half Moon Bay Prevention services for youth and families, parenting program peer, counseling
Cocaine Anonymous   Self-help group
CPC Belmont Hills Hospital Belmont Dual diagnoses program
Crime Prevention Narcotics Drug Education Center Menlo Park Prevention
Daytop Village Redwood City, East Palo Alto Residential program for adolescents and adults; health screenings, vocational counseling
Eastfield Ming Quong Daly City Outpatient treatment for adolescents and their families
First Chance Program Belmont, So. San Francisco Drop off center, DUI and public inebriation
Free At Last Neighborhood Recovery Center East Palo Alto Drop in counseling, referral, 12 Step meetings, counseling, life skills classes
Hope House Redwood City Residential program for women released from jail
Kaiser Permanente Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program So. San Francisco, Redwood City Outpatient programs and support groups
Latino Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Casa Maria and Casa Xochitl Brisbane, Daly City Residential recovery and transitional facility for hispanic women, aftercare
Latino Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services San Mateo Residential recovery for hispanic men, aftercare services
Mills-Peninsula Chemical Dependency Center Burlingame Day treatment, comprehensive outpatient program, ongoing recovery program, inpatient detox, senior program
Narcotics Anonymous   Support groups, social events
Palm Avenue Detox San Mateo Social model detoxification
Professional Treatment Foundation Redwood City Methadone detox and maintenance, counseling, vocational referral
Project 90 San Mateo, South San Francisco Residential program for men
Pyramid Alternatives Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, San Bruno, So. San Francisco, Burlingame Counseling, adolescent programs, education/prevention programs, support groups, employee assistance program
Ravenswood Parent Child Intervention Program East Palo Alto Early intervention, referral services to mothers and infants exposed to drugs
Sequoia Alcohol and Recovery Center Redwood City Residential, day and evening treatment, outpatient, intervention and referral
Sequoia Hospital Redwood City Acute medical detox, assessment and referrals
Sitike Counseling Center South San Francisco Non-residential, intensive day treatment, first offenders program
Stanford Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center Palo Alto Inpatient day treatment and therapy services
Thea Bowman House E. Palo Alto Residential
VA Medical Center Menlo Park Inpatient relapse prevention and outpatient clinics
Women's Recovery Association Burlingame, San Mateo Outpatient day treatment aftercare, nurse diversion program and two residential facilities
Youth and Family Assistance Archway San Mateo, Redwood City Drug and alcohol prevention and education, domestic violence program,


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