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Let's Talk Books

David McCullough’s The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris
“Never since the eighteenth century, the French have held a contradictory place in the American imagination. When we need a frivolous, effeminate, weaselly antagonist to highlight our supposed simple and manly virtues, we call on them. Yet when we search for an ideal of refined, worldly sophistication to place above our own more roughhewn tastes, they also fit the bill. How many jingoistic senators have gone hoarse denouncing cheese-eating surrender monkeys, only to soothe their tired throats at the very next congressional recess with a silky Gevrey Chambertin, accompanying a delicately herbed gigot d’agneau, followed by, yes, a delectable slice of Brie au lait cru, at a sumptuously decorated gastronomic temple of the rive droite?” - David A. Bell - The New Republic

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Thu, 11/15/201212:00pm-1:00pm
Main Library - Fireplace Room - 1044 Middlefield Road , Redwood City, CA 94063