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Prescribing Drugs for an Aging Population

The Risks and Benefits of Polypharmacy in the Health of the Elderly
Speaker: Mehrdad Ayati,MD Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine ,Department of Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center
Presented by Stanford Hospital Health Library; Sponsored in part by Friends of Redwood City LibraryThe geriatric population is prescribed the highest proportion of medications in relation to their percentage of the U.S population-13% of current geriatric population purchase 33% of all prescription drugs and this number will increase to 50% by 2040.Prevalence of both adverse drug reactions and treatment failures increase in the older patients. Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) are responsible for 5-28% of acute geriatric medical admissions. It has been estimated that for every one dollar we spend on medications at nursing home facilities, we spend $1.33 in health care resources for the treatment of drug related morbidity and mortality. In this review we will talk about the drug mechanism, why some people able to tolerate some medications and why some others not ? What we can do to change the nature of practice of medicine in the future and how we can provide more safety for us when we age.

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Wed, 04/24/20137:00pm
Main Library - Community Room - 1044 Middlefield Road , Redwood City, CA 94063