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Peninsula Library System Automated Handling System RFP

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RFP Corrections | Vendor Questions

This Request for Proposal (RFP), issued by Peninsula Library System is for the implementation of a Library’s automated materials handling system for central delivery  which shall work in conjunction with the Library’s integrated library system (ILS), Sierra.

The scope of the project includes recommending and installing a system that can accommodate high usage and must have 99% uptime for PLS' central delivery system, as well as providing immeditate support and maintenance of the system for the next ten years.

All questions must be emailed and directed to Monica Schultz, Schultz@plsinfo.org




RFP Corrections:

  1. Measurements for the area have changed from 46'x23' to 35'x23' as the department will move to the right of the area.
  2. Section 3.9.3 33 sort destinations is a typo. PLS is asking for 37 sort destinations



Vendor Questions:

Q: Is there an AMH in place today?

A: No, sorting is done manually today, there are long tables and bins. Also, there is currently no power or data drops, so they will need to be installed.

Q:What are the PLS tote dimensions?

A: Footprint: 24" x 15" x 9"  http://www.buckhorninc.com/products/hand-held-containers/sn24150909.aspx

Q: When you say 20 hours of sorting time per day, please indicate what employees are doing during those 20 hours you indicate? For example: The 20 hours are spent doing all 3, sorting, handling, and staging

a. Sorting to bins
b. Handling Totes
c. Staging Totes (receiving or sending out)

A: 20 hours are spent all three

Q: Can we get a sample Sip2 Check in response from Sierra?

A: 1473367933:7853: ACS: 101YNN201609080000135213AOpls  |AB39048101361545|AQ8sa9m|A PID=10267 the Quai / Cara Black.|CK001|AF|CSMYS BLACK |CR8sa9m|DA|AY2AZDABE

Q: Do you have a test server running Sierra?

A: No

Q: Do you float any items within PLS?

A: Yes, one of our Jurisdictions does.

Q: On page 4 of the RFP (Section 1.5), you mention “tags.” Can you please clarify what you mean by that?

A: The machine must be able to read most standard RFID formats

Q: On page 4 of the RFP (Section 1.2) you mention a 37-bin sorter. However, on page 13 of the RFP (Section 3.9.3), you mention 33 sort destinations. Can you please clarity the number of bins you require?

A: We are looking for a 37 bin sorter with the flexibility to reduce or add.  Section 3.9.3 is a typo.