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Sequoia High School Summer Reading List 2012

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Visit the Sequoia High School website for complete lists and instructions, or use the list below for links into our catalog.

Note: Students entering English I ICAP and English II ICAP must read two books, one of which must be starred (*). You may read two starred books if you choose. Students entering English IBY1 and IBY2 must read the starred book and consult Sequoia’s website for additional assignments.


9th Grade: English I - Read one of the following:



10th Grade English II - All Sophmores - Choose one of the Following:



11th Grade English III - All Juniors - Choose one of the following:



12th Grade English IV : All Seniors - Choose one of the following:

12th Grade IB Year 2 - Read the following:

12th Grade II SDAIE - Read the following: