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Menlo School - Summer Reading List 2013

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Visit the Menlo High School website for complete lists and instructions or use the list below for links into our catalog.

Note: All Menlo Students (Grades 6-12) are required to Read Wonder by Palacio

9th Grade

English 9:


10th Grade

English 10:


11th Grade

AP American Literature:

AP British Literature:

AP English Language:


12th Grade

Shakespear 1S:

Representation Race 1S:

Looking Glass Self 1S:

Modern Writers in English H 1S:

Baseball Lit 1S:

Freak Character in American Lit 1s:

  • Collected Stories of Carson McCullers - McCullers (Not in PLS)

Myth, Archetypes & Lit 1S:

Freak Character in American Lit 1s:

War Stories 1S:

American Rebels 1S:

World Religions 9:

Modern World History 10:

  • A newspaper project on current events will be assigned.

Essential Economics 1S:

AP Microeconomics 1S:

AP Latin Vergil:

  • Caesar: Selections From His Commentarii de Bello Gallico by Caesar (Not in PLS)