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Check out this list of hysterical books compiled by PLS Teen Services Librarians!

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, 1979
Arthur Dent, a refugee from the late planet Earth, and his pal Ford Prefect from the planet Betelgeuse, thumb their way through comic misadventures throughout the universe.

Squashed by Joan Bauer, 1992
As sixteen-year-old Ellie pursues her two goals--growing the biggest pumpkin in Iowa and losing twenty pounds herself--she strengthens her relationship with her father and meets a young man with interests similar to her own.
Princess Diaries Princess in the Spotlight Princess in Love
Princess in Waiting Princess in Pink
Princess Diaries, Princess in the Spotlight, Princess in Love, Princess in Waiting and Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot, 2001
14 year-old Mia, while trying to lead a normal life as a teenage girl in New York City, is shocked to learn that her father is the Prince of Genovia, and that she is a princess and the heir to the throne.
Artemis  Fowl The  Arctic Incident The  Eternity Code
Atemis Fowl, The Arctic Incident, The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer, 2001
Artemis is the criminal mastermind determined to regain his family's fortune by stealing the fairy-folk's gold in this crime caper comedy.
LBD: It's a  Girl Thing
LBD: It's a Girl Thing by Grace Dent, 2003
Having been barred from attending a rock festival by their parents, 3 girls known as "Les Bambinos Dangereuses" connive to convince their classical loving principal to let them stage their own music festival at Blackwell School.
Fate  Totally Worse that Death by Paul Fleischman
A Fate Totally Worse than Death by Paul Fleischman, 1995
In this horror novel parody, 3 self-centered members of the ruling clique, who are beginning to age rapidly, become convinced that the beautiful new exchange student is the ghost of the girl whose death they caused the year before.
Adventures of Blue Avenger
Adventures of Blue Avenger by Norma Howe, 1999
In what other book can you get a super hero dressed in a fishing vest with a blue towel wrapped around his head, a discussion of fate versus free will, a girl named Omaha Nebraska Brown from Tulsa, Oklahoma and a recipe for a guaranteed weepless lemon meringue pie?
Son of  the Mob
Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman, 2002
Seventeen-year-old Vince's life is constantly complicated by the fact that he is the son of a powerful Mafia boss, a relationship that threatens to destroy his romance with the daughter of an FBI agent.
Patiently Alice
Patiently Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, 2003
The summer after 9th grade, Alice and 3 of her friends spend 3 weeks working at a summer camp, meeting guys and having interesting adventures.
Behaving  Bradley
Behaving Bradley by Perry Nodelman, 1998
Recruited by his best friend to gather student input for the proposed Code of Conduct at his high school, Brad encounters obstinate faculty members, monstrous bullies, spineless student leaders, and personal agendas.
The  Education of Robert Nifkin
The Education of Robert Nifkin by Daniel Pinkwater, 1998
Set in the 1950s in Chicago, Robert Nifkin tells his highly unorthodox high school experiences in the form of a college application essay.
Amazing  Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett, 2001
A talking cat named Maurice, intelligent rats, and a strange boy cooperate in a Pied Piper scam until they try to con the wrong town and are confronted by a deadly evil rat king who may put an end to their plans forever.
Angus,  Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging On  the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God
Knocked  Out by my Nunga Nungas Dancing  in my Nuddy Pants
Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God, Knocked Out by my Nunga Nungas, & Dancing in my Nuddy Pants by Louise Rennison, 1999
14 year old Georgia Nicholson's moment by moment diary of boys, kissing, parents, school and girlfriends!
God  Went to Beauty School
God Went to Beauty School by Cynthia Rylant, 2003
What would happen if God got a desk job? Or bought a couch at Pottery Barn? Or found some fudge in his mailbox? Find out in these thought provoking poems that depict God exploring the wonders and pains of the world he has created.
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen by Dyan Sheldon, 1999
Mary Elizabeth, who calls herself "Lola," sets her sights on the lead in the annual drama production and finds herself in conflict with the most popular girl in school.
Girl  Gives Birth to Own Prom Date/How I Created My Perfect Prom Date How I  Created My Perfect Prom Date

Girl Gives Birth to Own Prom Date, How I Created My Perfect Prom Date by Todd Strasser, 1996
When Brad asks someone else to the senior prom, Nicole resorts to a desperate measure-she decides to make her next-door neighbor over into a dream date.

Amy's  answering Machine:  Messages from Mom
Amy's Answering Machine: Messages from Mom by Amy Borkowsky, 2001
Borkowsky shares more than a decade's worth of phone messages from her overprotective mom.
King of the  Mild Frontier
King of the Mild Frontier by Chris Crutcher, 2003
Chris Crutcher, author of young adult novels such as 'Ironman' and 'Whale Talk,' as well as short stories, tells of growing up as an ultimate dweeb in Cascade, Idaho, and becoming a writer.
Bart  Simpson's Guide to Life
Bart Simpson's Guide to Life by Matt Groening, 1993
Bart Simpson shares his zany advice on how to handle every aspect of one's life, including school, parents, religion, manners, sibling rivalry, romance, pets, and work.
There's  a Hair in My Dirt
There's a Hair in My Dirt by Gary Larson, 1998
During dinner, when a young worm expresses disgust at finding a hair in his dirt as well as at his lot in life as the "lowest of the low," his father tells him a story about a beautiful human maiden, Harriet, who loves nature but doesn't understand it.
The Far  Side
The Far Side by Gary Larson, 1982
Lumpy cows and dinosaurs, nerds wearing glasses and women with big hair abound in Larsen's now classic comic.
Darwin  Awards:  Evolution in Action
Darwin Awards: Evolution in Action by Wendy Northcutt, 2000
Awards dedicated to commemorating those who ensure the long term survival of our species by eliminating themselves in a sublimely idiotic fashion from our gene pool.
The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book by Bill Watterson, 1995
Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes have a lot to say about growing up and the human condition!