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Text Messaging Alerts

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Why Should I Sign Up?

Receive text messages on your phone immediately when:

  • Items you requested are ready for pickup.
  • Items you are borrowing are overdue.

Use your phone to text the library to:

  • Renew your items
  • Search for an item at a location

Shoutbomb has features to make managing your account easier:

  • Send and Receive texts in English or Spanish.
  • Receive notices on multiple library cards.

What Do I Need To Sign Up?

Signing up is totally free! Standard text rates apply.

How To Sign Up Using Your Cell Phone:

  1. Using a phone that can send text-messages to an e-mail address.
  2. Text the word SIGNUP to (650) 285-1148
  3. You should receive a reply asking for a library card number.
  4. Text your library card number.
  5. You should receive a reply asking for a PIN.
  6. Text your PIN.
  7. You should receive a confirmation text with an email request. (Responding with your email address is optional.)

How To Use Shoutbomb

Below is a list of text commands for using Shoutbomb

English: HELP
Spanish: AYUDA
Detailed description of each keyword
English: ADDCARD+card#+PIN#
Spanish: ADDCARD+tarjeta#+PIN#
Add a secondary library card to your notification account
Remove a secondary library card
English: HOLDS
Hold notices Opt In/Out
English: ISBN
Spanish: ISBN
Hold notices Opt In/Out
English: NOTICES
Spanish: AVISOS
Current status of all your Opt In/Out services
English: QUIT+card#+PIN#
Spanish: SALIR+tarjeta#+PIN#
Stop this text notices service
English: RENEW
Spanish: RENOVAR
Renew notices Opt In/Out
English: RESEND
Resend the last message
English: SIGNUP+card#+PIN#
Spanish: REGISTRESE+tarjeta#+PIN#
Register for this text notices service
Change the phone number receiving texts
English: OVERDUE
Overdue notice Opt In/Out
English: FEES
Spanish: TASAS
Fee notice Opt In/Out
English: ADDEMAIL+email address
Spanish: ADDEMAIL+correo electrónico
Update email address
Delete email address
English: IOWEU
Spanish: TEDEBO
Display Fines and Fees

To search for material

  • BOOK - To search for a book text ISBN 0123456789 (The 10 or 13 digit ISBN number on the book)
  • MEDIA - To search for a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray text UPC 012345678901 (The 12 digit UPC number on the media)
  • You will receive a reply letting you know wihch libraries have a copy, if any are available.

For More Information

Check out Shoutbombs Site at www.shoutbomb.com